Mandalorians and Mascara

True Life: All the good stuff I own is from the Halloween Store

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It’s about that time of year again where everything I buy comes from a Halloween store/ Halloween section in a store, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite clothing, accessories, and even home decor finds this year.

1.The Waffle Purse

First of all, it’s a. waffle. purse. Turn any type of food into a purse and I’m there, but think of all the amazing Stranger Things outfit opportunities. The bag was a match made in heaven with my wall dress I made last Halloween! It’s the perfect size for a night out bag and overall is pretty well constructed. This babe was only 10 dollars at Spirit Halloween, but if you have an amazeballs best friend like I do, it’s free *wink wink* (thx Court!).


2. Pokeball Dress

So I’ve picked up this weird tradition in which my birthday dress comes from a Halloween store and I’m not mad about it. This year’s dress just happened to be this one. Not only is it the cutest ever and fits like a glove, but it’s made out of a super nice and durable fabric. I didn’t think twice about buying it and I couldn’t have found a better dress tbh.  I found it at Spirit Halloween for about 40 dollars.




3. ‘Slay all day’ Makeup Bag

Let me start off by saying that canvas makeup bags are the absolute bomb. Add a cute Halloween quote and I’m so there for it. It’s already in use and absolutely perfect. I got this at Spirit Halloween.


4. Spider Web Headband

It was cute, cheap, and near the checkout at Spirit Halloween. Get it and get it now.


5. Creature from the Black Lagoon Mask

So yeah, you could probably use this as an actual mask but like why would you do that when you can use it as decoration?? Pinning this guy up on my wall is one of the best decisions I’ve made in weeks. Target’s Halloween section is killing it this year with these original universal monster masks and other inspired decor.



6. Tiffany Plush

Every year Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has these plushes as prizes at their fair games and every year I collect at least one new one. They’re pretty well made for a fair game prize and are fantastic representations of monsters, both classic (Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon) and newer (Chucky, Jason, Freddie). This is the first year I’ve seen Tiffany and she was an instant buy. If you want something spooky and cute for your couch this Halloween (or every) season, these are it!


7. SpongeBob Skirt

I yelled when I saw this. Half of it was because of the pattern, half of it was that this cute skater skirt was SEVEN DOLLARS. This came from the Party City Halloween section.


This year has been a verrry good year for Halloween shopping; I hope it is as good to you as it has been to me!






Stylin’ like a Stormborn

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I woke up wanting to channel some season 5 Daenerys and also found myself staring at EPCOT’s Morocco pavilion and thinking heavily of Dorne so Thrones inspired outfit pictures happened.

Top and Skirt

Both from Target, I felt the lace pattern and crisp white of the tank and knee-length skirt made a great pair.




Grey geode stud earrings reminded me a lot of Dragonstone. I got these from Michael’s Craft Store (yes, they sell cute jewelry sometimes!!).

My necklaces were my favorite touch on this look. The dragon emblem necklace is from Alex and Ani and is adjustable. The necklace with Valar Morghulis accents was obtained at a local convention.


Since it was a hot and bright day out, sunglasses were a necessity. So I picked my fav dragon lady pair, also from the Target eye wear section.


Shoes and Bag

My Dooney and Bourke leather backpack was a vintage hand-me-down from my mom. My nude closed-toed sandals came from Ross.


It was a fun day at EPCOT’s Food and Wine festival, which really helped me cope with the lack of Game of Thrones in my life for the next TWO YEARS.

Til next time!

Bringing my Rey game for Force Friday

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetForce Friday is one of my favorite yearly traditions, in which Star Wars fans such as myself wait for hours to grab the latest merchandise for the newest Star Wars movie. I typically head to Target, since they know exactly how to appeal to me merchandise-wise, and this year they were promoting the tag line “Bring Your Rey Game” for the event. I threw together an outfit I thought would be worthy of this theme, while still being comfortable and warm (something that’s very important when you’re waiting on the floor for six hours).


The Dress

This loose swing dress from Her Universe was the perfect fit! Featuring Rey and BB-8 on the sands of Jakku, I definitely brought my Rey game in this. It’s light fabric also makes it incredibly comfortable!


Leggings and Cardigan

I paired my dress with some simple light grey cotton leggings so that being up and down and on the floor for hours wouldn’t be an issue. I got these from Ross. I also brought along a light grey over-sized cardigan for when things got chilly. This was thrifted.




I paired my Rey dress with a tan-yellow thin belt, just to cinch it up and make it a bit shorter. I also brought along my Dooney and Bourke The Force Awakens zip sachel for my bag. This is the absolute perfect size, and fit all of the clay I packed to pass the time as well as snacks and water. For shoes, I wore my brown lace-up boots from Target.


I also pulled my hair back like how Rey’s has been shown in The Last Jedi and you better believe I bought all of the Porg things. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever loved anything this much.



As always, thanks so much to my good friend Britt Barnim for the sweet pics!

IMG_2348Til next time!


The Garbage Will Do?

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I’ve had a boring white trash can for an incredibly long time so it was high time I did something ridiculous to it. Naturally, my brain goes straight to Star Wars, so why not pay homage to my favorite hunk of junk in the galaxy?

For this project you’ll need:

  • a plastic white trash can
  • R2 reference pictures!
  • a pencil
  • a ruler (a flexible one is best, but not required)
  • a black Sharpie
  • blue paint
  • silver paint
  • assorted paint brushes


Step 1

Using a ruler, a pencil, and some reference pictures of R2’s front, mark out his designs on what you would like to be the front of the trash can. The beauty of the plastic material is that the pencil erases rather well. Taking advantage of my trashcan’s design, I decided to use the entirety of the top rim to stand for the blue line above his torso, with a line for the silver portion marked out underneath as well, also stretching around its perimeter.



Step 2

Trace those pencil lines with a black Sharpie, once again using the ruler to keep those machined looking straight lines.



Step 3

Begin filling in the necessary shapes, matching them up with those in your reference pictures, with a blue paint and a medium sized brush.



Step 4

After the blue paint dries, fill in the rest of the areas that require detailing with silver paint and a small detail brush. Make sure to fill in the top silver line that goes around the perimeter of the trash can.



Step 5

Paint the top rim of the trash can blue.



Step 6

After all of the paint has dried, add any remaining details with your black Sharpie.



FullSizeRender (4)


Happy trashing! and may the force be with you!

DIY: Star Lord’s Quad Blaster Mod


My boyfriend bought a replica Star Lord jacket at the most recent convention we went to and I thought a blaster would be a great complimentary birthday gift. I used a Nerf blaster because not only was it the perfect size/shape/pretty much everything aside from the color, but then it can also shoot Nerf bullets which is a super bonus, IMO.


For this project you’ll need:

  • a Star Lord Nerf gun
  • silver, black, and copper paints
  • various paint brushes (at least one small detail one)
  • paint sealant
  • reference photos


Step 1

Apply black paint to pretty much every part of the gun except for the gold and silver middle parts of the gun. You’ll be going over quite a bit of this black will silver paint a little later, but for now this neutralizes the gross orange color and will later add a bit of texture to the silver.

Be sure to get into the small grooves with a smaller detail paint brush!


Step 2

After applying the black paint and letting it dry, add the silver paint to the top and bottom pieces that slide backwards on the gun. Then, open those and paint the bright orange barrels of the gun black. I also went inside of the barrel somewhat with a detail brush, just to neutralize the bright orange. After that dries, brush over the black outside of the barrels with a silver paint. Any placement of the silver should be done in a somewhat haphazard way, so that it looks more like a brushed silver and less of a solid color. Doing this quickly and randomly gives it more of an aged/worn look which is what we want.  Don’t forget to brush a little silver over the grey area between the moving pieces and the end of the guns!



Step 3

Now we’ll add some extra detail work. On the back panels of both the top and bottom of the gun, paint a slightly darker silver color (I just mixed in the tiniest speck of black with my silver paint). After doing this, freshen up the bolts on the top and bottom of the back of the gun with some bright silver. In the middle area where the gold and silver rings are, I added some extra silver to the silver portions and a quick brush of copper over the gold ones. You still want some gold to show through, so do this lightly.


Step 4

Last but not least, seal it! I bought a matte paint sealant from Design Master at my local Michael’s craft store, but any kind will do. This just ensures that your paint holds up!


I hope you get into something good, something bad, or maybe a little bit of both with this babe. ‘Til next time!

Mystique and Chic


I debated on buying this Marvel Mystique sleeveless skater dress for ages and finally took the plunge. Naturally, styling it was a pleasure.



From We Love Fine, it’s a t-shirt material so it’s very breathable and not too sheer despite it being white.


Shoes and Bag

Both were purchased from Ross. The gold and black ankle strap flats are Rampage and the black and white striped bag is Betsey Johnson. If you haven’t picked up a Betsey yet, you haven’t lived my friend.


The gold chain necklace was acquired from a local Renaissance Faire. The bracelet was bought at a local art show. These are seriously some of the best places to grab some interesting jewelry!



This outfit was perfect for a nice brunch, but I could totally see dressing it up for a night out with some ankle boots and edgy tights. The belt is separate and ties in the back so you can dress it up or down as you like. Hooray for versatility!


‘Til next time friends!


Saying goodbye to the Great Movie Ride in style


This weekend brought the end of an era at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; the Great Movie Ride closed it’s doors for the last time on Sunday evening. It’s hard to put into words how significant this ride has been for me. In my most formative years, it was a large contributing factor to my love of movies and my eventual and giant love affair with Alien. How do you sum up a ride beloved by so many? I honestly don’t think you can, so I’ll stop. Let’s just focus on my coping mechanism; a good outfit.


My xenomorph costume was at the dry cleaners so I thought I’d pay homage to another favorite scene of mine instead.



Fortune and Glory is definitely in the top ten Indy quotes of all time and when I saw this tee at Disney years ago, I had to have it. Through my internet searchings it looks like its long gone, however TeeFury always has some neat Indy designs up.


This greenish-grey skater skirt with a waist of black pleather at the top was found on one of my thrifting adventures. Anything in the brown/tan/grey family would work with this sort of outfit.



To pick up on the yellow in the shirt’s lettering, I threw on some solid yellow flats from Brit Footwear. These similar ones are available on Amazon.


I snagged this very Indy-esque suede hat at a Forever 21. Or you could just get an actual one here.


My gold necklace is from Target. Gold just seemed right with this outfit.

My bag is from Ross. (And was only $20!)



Fare thee well, you beautiful ride. At least we could say goodbye in style. (and with excellent pictures taken by my good friend Britt Barnim!)