Mandalorians and Mascara

The Garbage Will Do?

FullSizeRender (2)

I’ve had a boring white trash can for an incredibly long time so it was high time I did something ridiculous to it. Naturally, my brain goes straight to Star Wars, so why not pay homage to my favorite hunk of junk in the galaxy?

For this project you’ll need:

  • a plastic white trash can
  • R2 reference pictures!
  • a pencil
  • a ruler (a flexible one is best, but not required)
  • a black Sharpie
  • blue paint
  • silver paint
  • assorted paint brushes


Step 1

Using a ruler, a pencil, and some reference pictures of R2’s front, mark out his designs on what you would like to be the front of the trash can. The beauty of the plastic material is that the pencil erases rather well. Taking advantage of my trashcan’s design, I decided to use the entirety of the top rim to stand for the blue line above his torso, with a line for the silver portion marked out underneath as well, also stretching around its perimeter.



Step 2

Trace those pencil lines with a black Sharpie, once again using the ruler to keep those machined looking straight lines.



Step 3

Begin filling in the necessary shapes, matching them up with those in your reference pictures, with a blue paint and a medium sized brush.



Step 4

After the blue paint dries, fill in the rest of the areas that require detailing with silver paint and a small detail brush. Make sure to fill in the top silver line that goes around the perimeter of the trash can.



Step 5

Paint the top rim of the trash can blue.



Step 6

After all of the paint has dried, add any remaining details with your black Sharpie.



FullSizeRender (4)


Happy trashing! and may the force be with you!

DIY: Star Lord’s Quad Blaster Mod


My boyfriend bought a replica Star Lord jacket at the most recent convention we went to and I thought a blaster would be a great complimentary birthday gift. I used a Nerf blaster because not only was it the perfect size/shape/pretty much everything aside from the color, but then it can also shoot Nerf bullets which is a super bonus, IMO.


For this project you’ll need:

  • a Star Lord Nerf gun
  • silver, black, and copper paints
  • various paint brushes (at least one small detail one)
  • paint sealant
  • reference photos


Step 1

Apply black paint to pretty much every part of the gun except for the gold and silver middle parts of the gun. You’ll be going over quite a bit of this black will silver paint a little later, but for now this neutralizes the gross orange color and will later add a bit of texture to the silver.

Be sure to get into the small grooves with a smaller detail paint brush!


Step 2

After applying the black paint and letting it dry, add the silver paint to the top and bottom pieces that slide backwards on the gun. Then, open those and paint the bright orange barrels of the gun black. I also went inside of the barrel somewhat with a detail brush, just to neutralize the bright orange. After that dries, brush over the black outside of the barrels with a silver paint. Any placement of the silver should be done in a somewhat haphazard way, so that it looks more like a brushed silver and less of a solid color. Doing this quickly and randomly gives it more of an aged/worn look which is what we want.  Don’t forget to brush a little silver over the grey area between the moving pieces and the end of the guns!



Step 3

Now we’ll add some extra detail work. On the back panels of both the top and bottom of the gun, paint a slightly darker silver color (I just mixed in the tiniest speck of black with my silver paint). After doing this, freshen up the bolts on the top and bottom of the back of the gun with some bright silver. In the middle area where the gold and silver rings are, I added some extra silver to the silver portions and a quick brush of copper over the gold ones. You still want some gold to show through, so do this lightly.


Step 4

Last but not least, seal it! I bought a matte paint sealant from Design Master at my local Michael’s craft store, but any kind will do. This just ensures that your paint holds up!


I hope you get into something good, something bad, or maybe a little bit of both with this babe. ‘Til next time!

Mystique and Chic


I debated on buying this Marvel Mystique sleeveless skater dress for ages and finally took the plunge. Naturally, styling it was a pleasure.



From We Love Fine, it’s a t-shirt material so it’s very breathable and not too sheer despite it being white.


Shoes and Bag

Both were purchased from Ross. The gold and black ankle strap flats are Rampage and the black and white striped bag is Betsey Johnson. If you haven’t picked up a Betsey yet, you haven’t lived my friend.


The gold chain necklace was acquired from a local Renaissance Faire. The bracelet was bought at a local art show. These are seriously some of the best places to grab some interesting jewelry!



This outfit was perfect for a nice brunch, but I could totally see dressing it up for a night out with some ankle boots and edgy tights. The belt is separate and ties in the back so you can dress it up or down as you like. Hooray for versatility!


‘Til next time friends!


Saying goodbye to the Great Movie Ride in style


This weekend brought the end of an era at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; the Great Movie Ride closed it’s doors for the last time on Sunday evening. It’s hard to put into words how significant this ride has been for me. In my most formative years, it was a large contributing factor to my love of movies and my eventual and giant love affair with Alien. How do you sum up a ride beloved by so many? I honestly don’t think you can, so I’ll stop. Let’s just focus on my coping mechanism; a good outfit.


My xenomorph costume was at the dry cleaners so I thought I’d pay homage to another favorite scene of mine instead.



Fortune and Glory is definitely in the top ten Indy quotes of all time and when I saw this tee at Disney years ago, I had to have it. Through my internet searchings it looks like its long gone, however TeeFury always has some neat Indy designs up.


This greenish-grey skater skirt with a waist of black pleather at the top was found on one of my thrifting adventures. Anything in the brown/tan/grey family would work with this sort of outfit.



To pick up on the yellow in the shirt’s lettering, I threw on some solid yellow flats from Brit Footwear. These similar ones are available on Amazon.


I snagged this very Indy-esque suede hat at a Forever 21. Or you could just get an actual one here.


My gold necklace is from Target. Gold just seemed right with this outfit.

My bag is from Ross. (And was only $20!)



Fare thee well, you beautiful ride. At least we could say goodbye in style. (and with excellent pictures taken by my good friend Britt Barnim!)


From yoga mat to Yoda mat

To trick myself into physical activity, I added a fun Yoda quote and silhouette to my yoga mat, making it…. a Yoda mat. Here’s how I did it!


  • foam yoga mat
  • Sharpie (preferably a large one)
  • letter stencils (preferably small- like an inch in size)
  • paper (any kind will do)
  • scissors


You can find a decent yoga mat on Amazon for less than twenty dollars (or if you’re me, you can just go to Wal-mart and get an extra cheap one for like ten).

To begin with, decide on placement. I went for the top left of my mat, so that I can see it in the midst of my yoga-ing.

I then decided on a quote. It was hard to pick but I could not resist “Luminous beings are we.” Plus when I place it down word by word, it creates a cool stair step effect.

Using the letter stencils of your choice (or not, you rebel) and a Sharpie, write the words of your quote in the pattern of your choice. As I said before, I went with straight down, word by word but I can imagine there are all sorts of fun combinations you can try out.  I went with about 1/4 inch between each line, but you do you!  Be sure to firmly hold the stencil down, so that your letter doesn’t end up being larger than necessary/totally wrecked.

One tip I will throw out there is to be sure to pull your stencil straight up when you’re done filling out the letter and before doing your next letter, to give the stencil a good wipe with a tissue, etc. These will both help you to avoid any smudging or random Sharpie marks on your mat.


For our next part, we’ll make the Yoda stencil. I went with a fairly basic silhouette of his face since my Sharpie is GIANT and the bumpiness of the mat would make a more complicated design a total mess. If you have a super flat mat though, go for it!

Taking the piece of paper, I free-handed a Yoda head shape with the Sharpie. If free-handing is not your thing, there are some silhouettes on the internet I’m sure you could resize and print out. Cut this pattern out with the scissors, but be sure to cut in the middle of the head, working your way out to the ends.

As we did with the letter stencils, hold your Yoda stencil down firmly and fill it in with the Sharpie. Because this stencil is made of a thinner paper, I avoided filling the shape in harshly near the edges. Instead I just got the general shape, lifted the paper up, and then continued to make my edges bolder.


And that’s it! Enjoy this mat, you will.






Slayin’ on Singles: keeping your face and your bank account beautiful

I, self admittedly, am a makeup addict. While all makeup in general enthuses me my real weak spot is for lipsticks and eyeshadow, which is normally where I’m willing to splurge the most on, and very often do. But I am no fool and know that my bank account is finite, so I do the best I can to save money on my everyday essentials. I like to refer to this as:

Slayin’ on Singles

Get it? Like dollar bills? 

Anyway, here is my definitive list of makeup I use on the daily that can be obtained at your local drugstore/sometimes Target (depending on what stores you have in your general area).

#1: Foundation


Listen here and listen good. Loreal’s True Match foundation is the bee’s knees. Prior to buying this, I was super nervous about using a more liquid based foundation, but I was wrong to be afraid. So very wrong. It goes on easily with a foundation brush and once it’s set with powder stays all day long. It comes in a great range of shades and has titanium dioxide sunscreen in it, so not only do you look fab, but you’re protected from that awful ball of fire in the sky as well. Go you!

You can find this product at your local Walgreen’s, CVS, Target, or Walmart.

(also FUN FACT: I got ahold of some MAC foundation not long after I purchased this product. The formulas seem very comparable. Very.)

#2 Powder


Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I was on a “let’s try some new beauty products” kick when I picked this baby up and boy am I glad I did. This powder has incredible staying power, doesn’t cake or dry out, and my favorite thing is that it’s available in translucent. I am a rather lazy person (on top of the fact that my skin color changes quite a bit from summer to winter) and color matching can sometimes be incredibly difficult. If you’re like me and would rather be sitting in front of your computer marathoning the Clone Wars for the 80th time, then that is some valuable time you’re missing out on. Bottom line, 10/10 would recommend. It’s fool proof and glorious. Go buy it.

You can find this product at your local Walgreen’s, CVS, Target, and Walmart.

#3 Mascara


Mascara has always been the one thing I’ve consistently had trouble sticking with. I would come across some brands that I would like, but it took me a very long time to find something I could really love, and that was also cost effective. That is until I started assisting with wedding hair and makeup and we had a mascara emergency. We needed a good kind and fast and my mentor suggested this. Loreal’s Voluminous Mascara is magic. It doesn’t clump and has a very simple yet effective brush. (None of that space age “will my eyelashes survive this?” shaped weirdness.)  It lasts all day long and while it isn’t water proof, I’ve had quite a few mental breakdowns and it didn’t run very much at all. I prefer it in the color Blackest Black.

You can find this product at your local Walgreen’s, CVS, Target, and Walmart.

#4 Facial Wipes


Let’s be honest, sometimes I’m so tired when I come home from work that I just immediately want to fall into a deep sleep until morning. That’s totally cool. You know what’s not cool? Not taking your makeup off before sleep. If you wanna fall straight asleep and do what’s best for your skin, wipe that makeup off with some quality Say Yes wipes. They have varying kinds (cucumber, blueberries, coconut, tomatoes) that focus on different aspects of your skin (minimizing irritation, relieving acne, hydrating, detoxifying) not to mention they smell great, and I can take my makeup off with one quick swoop. I would compare them to the Sephora brand face wipes if you’re looking for a pricier alternative, but these do the trick all the same.

You can find this product at your local Walgreen’s, CVS, Target, Walmart, even Ulta!

#5 Matte Lip Creme


Aside from Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream has to be my favorite matte lip formula. It doesn’t dry out your lips, yet stays all day and isn’t a pain to get off at the end. Not to mention pretty much every color is a winner. Rome, Sao Paolo, and Stockholm are my favs. (Honorable mention goes to the Liquid Suede collection). Please excuse the display, customers at my local Target are monsters.

You can find this product at Target, some CVS’s, and Ulta.

#6 Moisturizer


For a long time I skirted around getting a facial moisturizer. Why you ask? Mostly fear of the unknown I’d say. There’s so many products out there, how do you possibly weed through them all? Garnier’s SkinActive Moisture Rescue  was recommended to me by a friend and coworker (Gabi u da bomb) and it is a quality product. It deals with my partially dry, partially normal skin beautifully and leaves my skin feeling so fly so fresh without it becoming oily. The product sizing is fairly satisfactory considering you only need the tiniest bit to cover your face and neck. The kind of fancy container makes me feel pretty damn fancy when I apply this baby, so bonus points.

You can find this product at Walgreen’s, CVS, Target, and Walmart.


#7 Face Masks


Short and simple: these guys are incredibly cheap and leave me feeling refreshed so you really can’t afford not to buy them. I’m definitely not someone who face masks every day, but it’s a nice treat once or twice a week. Picking these guys up is cost effective and making myself feel great effective.

You can find these at your local Walgreen’s.

#8 Eyeliner


My number one eyeliner love in this life will always be Kat Von D’s tattoo liner in Trooper, but when times are hard, E.L.F’s ink eyeliner pen isn’t a bad alternative. The felt tip is a bit larger than KVD’s, but it stays on for most of the day without issue. It does lose it’s sharpness quicker than a normal eyeliner pen would (I would give it a rough 4-5 week estimate), but it’s also only three dollars so replacing it isn’t the worst.

You can find this product at your local Target.

#9 Concealer


I have the worst under eye bags. The worst. But E.L.F.’s HD lifting concealer does a pretty good job of covering them up. Word of warning, the color they appear to be is often a little lighter than they actually are. For someone with bad under eye bags like myself, that works just fine, but the average person should keep that in mind.

You can find this product at your local Target.

#10 Highlighter


If you’re looking for a cheap highlighter but, like myself, are a fan of variety, then E.L.F.’s Illuminating Palette is the one for you my friend. Each of the colors in this palette work great on their own, but are also really fab when used with each other. The thing I love about this palette is that it’s just the right amount of highlight. While I do love being extra, one of my jobs isn’t too fond of an incredibly extra highlight. These are more natural, and you can sweep them on your face and run out the door if you need to.

You can find this product at your local Target.


Well, that’s all for today folks! I hope this was informative and that you too can tackle beauty on a budget. Because let’s be real here, you need those new KVD lipstick shades. And that glorious Alchemy Palette.

Treat yoself,



How to make Jyn Erso’s kyber crystal necklace

I could yell for days about how great every single second of Rogue One is, but the real focus here is Jyn’s necklace.


The second Lyra whipped out that beauty, I was like “DAMN, I need that.” I mean, not only is it gorgeous but it’s a KYBER CRYSTAL. The strongest stars (and fashion statements) have hearts of kyber.

So here we are; my attempt at creating a Jyn inspired necklace. I say “inspired” because there are maybe like three pictures on the internet of said necklace and many (like the one pictured above) are not very detailed ones. So, needless to say, mine is probably not 100% accurate. A for effort though.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • scissors and pliers
  • magnetic clasps (for necklaces) in a tarnished gold color
  • 20 Gauge Wire in brown
  • black cording
  • a crystal (preferably one that comes with a setting already on it)
  • a brown bead (literally just one)

Obviously you can take any liberties you want here. I went with the brown wire because it looked more interesting to me than a gold or copper. Going back, I might’ve went for a thicker cording just because I’m paranoid about things breaking. Not to worry though, mine hasn’t broken yet. As far as cording length, I would recommend at least buying a yard, but the small package I bought was already about 3 yards. I got extra lucky with my crystal and Michael’s happened to have exactly what I was looking for. Also !!hot tip!! please shop at Michael’s every chance you get. They almost always have active coupons/sales on their app and when I went shopping for my supplies, I saved 8 whole dollars with their coupons. Seriously, they rock.

Step 1

Take the crystal and remove the larger ring that would connect it to any necklace with your pliers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely, but it’s a little too fancy for what we’re doing here.


Step 2

Measure about 2.5 feet of the cording and place the crystal exactly half way. About 1.5 inches above the top of the crystal, tie a loop knot. Here is where you’ll be placing your bead, but for now just leave it.

Step 3

Cut a few inches of brown wire loose and proceed to wrap it around where the crystal pendant and your cording meet. The goal is to encompass the entire loop at the top of the pendant and then some above it.

Step 4

Place the small brown bead (found in my vast and random bead box) above the knot you had previously tied. Then place an identical knot above the bead.

Step 5

Add your magnetic clasp! Feed the cording through the end of the clasping and tie a knot. Once pulled as tightly as humanly possible, cut the excess cording off. Repeat on the other side.

That’s all there is to it. You now have a necklace fitting of a rebel. Wear it well!





I luv K-2SO 4ever


It’s one week until Rogue One and I’m celebrating with tacky Christmas ornaments


We will not delve into my excitement over the movie because it’s just too much and would initiate a lot of incoherent rambling. Simply put, I AM EXCITE.

Anyways, each year I try to make an ornament or two to further clutter up my mother’s already highly cluttery Christmas tree. This year I made an ornament featuring K-2SO and one representing our fully armed and operational battle station; the Death Star. They took me around 2 hours total to make, not accounting for the time it took them to dry overnight. Let’s begin!

For K-2SO, you’ll need:

  • An clear plastic (or glass if you’re dangerous) ornament ball. They’re usually about a dollar at Michael’s.
  • A printer, printer paper, and scissors
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • A small and thin paintbrush
  • Beads of your choosing
  • A hot glue gun
  • Fun ribbon trim (the more obnoxious the better, IMO)

For the Death Star, you’ll need:

  • A clear ornament ball, just like above
  • Grey, silver, and black acrylic paint
  • A thin paintbrush
  • A hot glue gun
  • Silver sequins


I started with K-2SO and sort of bounced back and forth between the two, but I’ll separate the two to avoid confusion.


First, you’ll take one of the clear ornaments and remove the top. Then, you’ll find a suitable picture of K-2SO on the internet; I personally found a torso and head picture to look the best. I then cut the guy out and made sure he was able to fit into the bulb.


After this test, I coated the inside of the bulb with Elmer’s glue using a small and thin paintbrush. This is what you’ll be using to make sure that K-2SO doesn’t move anywhere.

Once that is done, quickly but carefully place him into the bulb, the front of the picture facing out and into the glue. I made sure that the very bottom of his picture was towards the bottom curve of the bulb, so that the straight edge of the picture wasn’t so apparent.

Once he is placed in there, gently pat down on the entire picture to ensure that it is firmly pressed into the glue. I then went around the edges with glue to ensure that he stayed put.


Now go get some rest, and leave this guy until the morning.

Good morning! How did you sleep? Cool. Let’s finish this ornament.

The inside of the bulb should be mostly , if not all, dry. It’s at this point that you can add your beads! What I used was a set of beads that I had laying around that I found to be pretty bright and festive. What you use is up to you, but I would recommend at least using a brighter sort of bead that will offer a good enough contrast to let K-2SO stand out.

I also filled the bulb entirely with beads because that is what I felt looked best, but I’m sure every bulb is different. Fill yours up half way, a quarter of the way, an eighteenth of the way, however you feel.

Now it’s time for the trim! I used a black pom pom fringe for this and simply hot glued it around the perimeter of the bulb. I found the best way to do it to ensure that it was even was to glue it down on the middle point on the opposite end of the bulb from the top loop. From there, glue around until you reach the top of the bulb.


And done!

Now for our Death Star. This one starts with once again removing the top of the ornament, but instead of glue, dripping grey acrylic paint inside.

You should then tilt the bulb around until it is entirely covered in a smooth coat of the grey paint. This takes some time, and I used a paint brush and even a finger at times to speed up the process some. You will then let this dry overnight.

Once it is all dry, we’ll use some silver paint to add some detail and texture to the outside of the bulb. I used only the side of the paintbrush to get a weird line effect. I experimented a little and patted the silver paint nearly dry with a paper towel to add more texture.

I then hung the bulb on my fancy drying rack (two bottles of paint with a paint brush resting on top).


When the bulb is dried, it’s time to add more detail with some black acrylic paint. I used a thinner paint brush for this, as I didn’t want the line work to be too thick.

I first painted a large black circle in the top right area of what would be the front of the ornament. I then placed a horizontal line along the center of the ornament. After this, I gave the ornament some time to dry. This took a lot of paint and I didn’t want to risk smudging it when I added the other details.

After it had a little time to dry, I added in some rectangular shapes. These were done fairly quick with no rhyme or reason. I was going for style here, not accuracy. Working from the center line, I would draw the rectangles up at random lengths. I would then meet the ends of those rectangles with rectangles coming from the opposite ends of the bulb.

To spruce this battle station up, I added the most holographic silver sequins ever. Seriously I wish I lived in one of these guys.


Taking your glue gun, hot glue these babies around the Death Star at random. I did mine fairly sparingly, as I didn’t want to completely cover all of the paint work done on the bulb. I used about 20 sequins in total.


What a beautiful couple. (Side note: at this point I hadn’t added string to the tops of the ornaments to hang them, but it’s pretty simple and you can literally use anything you want to do it). Have all the fun dancing around with your ornaments and screaming about Rogue One like I did!ornaments

Merry Sithmas!

I made Lucille in less than 2 hours for less than $20, and you can too!

I convinced a friend to be Negan for a work costume contest and naturally put myself in charge of making his infamous weapon. Our lack of time required some quick crafting and allocating of materials (I.e. Lots of yelling and screaming at each other in Target). Hopefully though, you’re not like me and have a liiiiitle bit more time.


For this dirty girl you’ll need:

  • A baseball bat (I used a foam one)
  • Fake barbed wire
  • Dark brown and silver acrylic paints
  • Water
  • A disposable cup
  • The paint brushes of your choice

To my surprise, I found a nearly perfect bat at a Five and Below for five dollars. (If you’ve never been to a Five and Below before, do yourself a favor and get there now. It is magical.)


The shape and size of the bat were great, however the coloring was far too light to be Lucille. To make it darker, I placed a few squirts of the dark brown acrylic paint into the disposable cup and added enough water to fill up about a fourth of the cup. I proceeded to mix the paint and water together until it was largely just a very watered down version of the paint. The goal was to make a sort of wash for the bat that was just enough to discolor it, but not so that I was actually fully painting the whole thing.



I did the first coat using this method, waited about 20 minutes, and then came back to do another coat. I ended having done about three coats in total.

In the midst of my painting, I realized that the paint mixture made the slugger logo on the bat vulnerable, so after the first two coats I proceeded to scrape the logo off. Doing so did scrape up the foam of the bat a bit but I figured with Lucille, the more texture the better!

While the bat was drying, I decided (since I was basically crafting on borrowed time) to paint the barbed wire quickly. The costume barbed wire I actually already had on hand from a previous endeavor, but you can find it here on Amazon for around six dollars (and it’s a Prime item, too!). The length was perfect for this project (it says 18 ft on the description, but that definitely wasn’t the case for me. I would say what I recieved was around 4-5 ft), so there’s no need to worry about cutting it. The color is great for a rusted look, however at the end of the day it is cheap costume wire and lacks the dimension needed to make it convincing. That is where the silver paint comes in.

Using the paint brush of your choice, lightly brush the silver over the entirety of the barbed wire. The goal is to give it a good amount of texture, so fully covering the original rusted color is highly discouraged. Basically, paint it as haphazardly as possible. You’re welcome.

This should give you:


And after all of that painting, now we wait. In the meantime, check the bat to make sure the color is to your liking. If not, add a coat or two more. There are no rules here, who am I to tell you how to live your life?

Once all of our pieces are dry, now it’s time for some assembly.

Taking the barbed wire, wrap it around the end of the baseball bat starting at about 6 inches from the top and working your way up. There are once again no rules here. If you’re going for more of a screen accurate look though, be sure to wrap he wire more horizontally, crossing it every now and then, and leaving a piece more separate towards the bottom. When you’re done wrapping, try to tie the end piece and tuck it in for a little extra security.



This wire had amazing staying power considering I did not wrap it around the bat as tight as I could have. That being said, I originally had plans in place to secure the wire with (my personal favorite) crazy glue, but after seeing how well it held on, decided against it. You do you though, and secure it if you must! If I had time, I probably would’ve gone ahead with it anyways.

Voila! Pee Pee Pants City.

On a side note, because this was for a work thing, blood and guts weren’t allowed. This obviously killed me a little inside, but I did put a good amount of thought into what I would do were the blood and guts allowed. This blood right here is pretty great for several different things; my favorite use being staining clothes, props, etc. (and it’s Prime as well!). I would’ve spattered a good amount of the blood around the end, even probably adding some darker red paints to it to really give it some dimension. If you wanted to add a few brains to the end, I highly recommend the Mehron 3-D Gelatin effects, which you can find here. It’s awesome, affordable, easy to use, and is, once again, Prime. Adding some of that to the barbed wire and painting it once it dried would have added the perfect amount of gore. Sigh. Maybe one day.

Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Enjoy that glorious weapon, but not too much.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s #1 Fan Girl


How to Make the Cutest Pumpkin Imaginable* (*BB-8)


First, I want to start off by saying that I really am proud of this one mainly because it wasn’t a total disaster and most of this was constructed at a friend of mine’s pumpkin decorating party. Second, I’d like to state that for this I used fake pumpkins, although I’m sure if you’re brave enough, executing this with real pumpkins could be entirely possible.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • 2 fake white pumpkins, one being small and the other being at least somewhat larger (easily purchased at Target!)
  • A small pumpkin saw (available in most pumpkin carving kits. I imagine a really durable knife would also work)
  • A pencil
  • 2 paper clips
  • Orange, silver, and grey acrylic paints
  • Assorted paintbrushes, all up to your preference
  • A thick black Sharpie

Step 1: Constructing the body

First, I marked out BB-8’s circular markings on the larger pumpkin and placed some of the facial (?) features on the smaller pumpkin using a pencil. I placed about 6 circular designs on the larger pumpkin spread out and at random. The designs don’t have to be perfect or super accurate because mine definitely are not. When it came to the silver markings within each circle, I totally winged it.

Then you need a way to attach BB-8’s cute lil pumpkin head! Taking the pumpkin saw, I cut around the stem of the larger pumpkin until it was possible to punch the stem out.

Now you have this:


Next you’ll take your two paper clips and bend them as pictured below, making them into sort of a feet shape:

Then, using all the strength you can muster, insert the paper clips into the bottom of the smaller pumpkin so that the “feet” you’ve created are facing outward.


Then, carefully place the bottom of the smaller pumpkin into the hole you cut in the top of the larger pumpkin. You may have to bend the paper clips a bit to fit them in properly, but once they are in they should catch along the inside of the larger pumpkin. This ensures that the top pumpkin will stay secure and will not roll off.




Step 2: Paint

Let me start by saying that this will probably be the most frustrating part of your journey, and I apologize for that. For whatever reason (and your pumpkins may be better than mine; I pray that they are.) my pumpkins did not take to paint very well. It took a lot of patience and quite a bit of layering, but totally worth it. 


You’ll take the orange paint and fill in the outside of your circular patterns. I used the medium sized paint brush for this, but again it’s all up to your preference. There are no rules here, I hate rules. Then I took a combination of the silver and grey paints (the silver paint I used is too sheer on its own) and filled in the miscellaneous shapes I penciled in the middle of the circles with the smaller paint brush. I then painted in the circular band I drew at the top of the smaller pumpkin and filled it in with just the grey paint using the same brush.

Step 3: Detailing


It was at this point in my construction that I realized that, as with so many other things, a Sharpie was going to be the saving grace of this droid. Using the large black Sharpie, I traced the outline of the circular shapes and silver patterns on the bottom pumpkin and drew on the remainder of the facial (?) features of the top pumpkin. I took some creative liberties here and went for more of a doodle-like look for the pumpkin as a whole, but obviously you can go for whatever look your heart desires. 

Here are some close ups of the finished product:




I also included some shots of just the body, so you can get a feel for the spacing and placement of the circular shapes on the bottom pumpkin:

And there you have it! The perfect pumpkin to store your top secret maps in.

Til next time!