Scoundrel Style: A Solo Inspired Outfit

by Victoria Fox

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Hey all! Long time no see. It’s been a wild few months between juggling a new job and a lot of personal projects, but I’m happy to be back and hopefully posting somewhat regularly again!

Let’s get into it: SOLO. This movie, much like Rogue One, has me way more hyped than the debut of any new trilogy movie (your girl loves world building, sue me) and the costumes and sets in this movie are so beautiful I have chest pains. Naturally, I’m a sucker for all of the merch and came across a great shirt…. that they didn’t have in my size. What they did have, though was a shirt several sizes bigger than mine that transitioned pretty perfectly into a t shirt dress!


The Shirt

Featuring a young Han and Chewie, I scored this shirt turned almost dress at Target.


The Leggings

Also from Target, these black velvet material leggings are one of my favorite things I own.



My necklace came from Top Shop. The far left and far right rings came from a gem show. The middle diamond shaped ring is from Pandora.


My favorite piece of this outfit is my Han leather cuff bracelet. It came from Star Wars Celebration and my mom has a Leia one to match!


Shoes and Bag

I figured I’d let my shirt do the talking, so I opted for some subtler shoes and bag. My black combat boots came from Amazon and my small black purse came from Forever 21.



Also, I got a giant Porg POP.



Thanks for looking, I missed you guys!