DIY: a Probe Droid Pumpkin

by Victoria Fox

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This Halloween season was absolutely insane, so I’m definitely late when it comes to getting this post out. HOWEVER, I firmly believe that you can keep pumpkins out through Thanksgiving and fully intend to do so.


Last year, I made a BB-8 pumpkin, so I thought I’d continue the droid pumpkin tradition with a sparkly black probe droid pumpkin this year.



They’re adorable and help my main man Maul out so this was a no brainer.


For this project, you’ll need:

  • a small black foam pumpkin
  • a black pipe cleaner
  • tooth picks
  • black foam sheeting
  • grey and white felt sheets
  • red paint
  • a hot glue gun


First, I took a pipe cleaner (mine wasn’t initially black, I just painted it to save on the cost of buying a whole pack for one pipe cleaner), and stuck it through the top of the pumpkin on the left side, a little behind the middle.  This will simulate the obnoxiously long antenna that these droids have.




Then, I marked out the shape of the main lens of the droid on the foam sheet. This was largely eyeballed. You just want to make sure that the size of the lens compared to the pumpkin is appropriate. Reference pictures of the actual droid help with this a lot.



Taking the grey and white felt, I cut out pieces to simulate the edges and the reflection of the lens.  I made two grey pieces for the top and bottom of the circle and two white pieces; one in the shape of a circle and one a smaller oval.

I then glued these pieces to the black foam sheeting with a hot glue gun and then glued it to the center of the pumpkin.


Next, I began work on the sides of the droid. I cut out another smaller lens size and a rounded rectangle out of the foam sheeting to fit on the left side of the pumpkin. When I was cutting the pieces, I made sure to account for the curve of the pumpkin, and cut the sides that will be up against the pumpkin with that same curve.

For the small lens, I repeated the same kind of process with the felt to simulate the depth of the lens, only this time I cut an entire circle of the grey felt to go all the way around.


For the rounded rectangle, I painted two small red dots to the top left to simulate the lights on its side.


To attach these to the side of the pumpkin, I attached tooth picks to the back of the foam with hot glue. I used two on the rounded rectangle and one for the lens.




I then cut a piece of foam in the shape of a curled wire to connect the two pieces. I attached this with hot glue.



For the right side of the droid, there are 2 grey colored rectangles sticking out. I cut out two felt rectangles, one slightly longer than the other, and attached toothpicks to them using the same process as before. As with the others, I stabbed these into the side of the pumpkin.


And there you have it! Mission accomplished.



Happy fall ya’ll! I’ll see you next time.