True Life: All the good stuff I own is from the Halloween Store

by Victoria Fox

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It’s about that time of year again where everything I buy comes from a Halloween store/ Halloween section in a store, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite clothing, accessories, and even home decor finds this year.

1.The Waffle Purse

First of all, it’s a. waffle. purse. Turn any type of food into a purse and I’m there, but think of all the amazing Stranger Things outfit opportunities. The bag was a match made in heaven with my wall dress I made last Halloween! It’s the perfect size for a night out bag and overall is pretty well constructed. This babe was only 10 dollars at Spirit Halloween, but if you have an amazeballs best friend like I do, it’s free *wink wink* (thx Court!).


2. Pokeball Dress

So I’ve picked up this weird tradition in which my birthday dress comes from a Halloween store and I’m not mad about it. This year’s dress just happened to be this one. Not only is it the cutest ever and fits like a glove, but it’s made out of a super nice and durable fabric. I didn’t think twice about buying it and I couldn’t have found a better dress tbh.  I found it at Spirit Halloween for about 40 dollars.




3. ‘Slay all day’ Makeup Bag

Let me start off by saying that canvas makeup bags are the absolute bomb. Add a cute Halloween quote and I’m so there for it. It’s already in use and absolutely perfect. I got this at Spirit Halloween.


4. Spider Web Headband

It was cute, cheap, and near the checkout at Spirit Halloween. Get it and get it now.


5. Creature from the Black Lagoon Mask

So yeah, you could probably use this as an actual mask but like why would you do that when you can use it as decoration?? Pinning this guy up on my wall is one of the best decisions I’ve made in weeks. Target’s Halloween section is killing it this year with these original universal monster masks and other inspired decor.



6. Tiffany Plush

Every year Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has these plushes as prizes at their fair games and every year I collect at least one new one. They’re pretty well made for a fair game prize and are fantastic representations of monsters, both classic (Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon) and newer (Chucky, Jason, Freddie). This is the first year I’ve seen Tiffany and she was an instant buy. If you want something spooky and cute for your couch this Halloween (or every) season, these are it!


7. SpongeBob Skirt

I yelled when I saw this. Half of it was because of the pattern, half of it was that this cute skater skirt was SEVEN DOLLARS. This came from the Party City Halloween section.


This year has been a verrry good year for Halloween shopping; I hope it is as good to you as it has been to me!