DIY: Star Lord’s Quad Blaster Mod

by Victoria Fox


My boyfriend bought a replica Star Lord jacket at the most recent convention we went to and I thought a blaster would be a great complimentary birthday gift. I used a Nerf blaster because not only was it the perfect size/shape/pretty much everything aside from the color, but then it can also shoot Nerf bullets which is a super bonus, IMO.


For this project you’ll need:

  • a Star Lord Nerf gun
  • silver, black, and copper paints
  • various paint brushes (at least one small detail one)
  • paint sealant
  • reference photos


Step 1

Apply black paint to pretty much every part of the gun except for the gold and silver middle parts of the gun. You’ll be going over quite a bit of this black will silver paint a little later, but for now this neutralizes the gross orange color and will later add a bit of texture to the silver.

Be sure to get into the small grooves with a smaller detail paint brush!


Step 2

After applying the black paint and letting it dry, add the silver paint to the top and bottom pieces that slide backwards on the gun. Then, open those and paint the bright orange barrels of the gun black. I also went inside of the barrel somewhat with a detail brush, just to neutralize the bright orange. After that dries, brush over the black outside of the barrels with a silver paint. Any placement of the silver should be done in a somewhat haphazard way, so that it looks more like a brushed silver and less of a solid color. Doing this quickly and randomly gives it more of an aged/worn look which is what we want.  Don’t forget to brush a little silver over the grey area between the moving pieces and the end of the guns!



Step 3

Now we’ll add some extra detail work. On the back panels of both the top and bottom of the gun, paint a slightly darker silver color (I just mixed in the tiniest speck of black with my silver paint). After doing this, freshen up the bolts on the top and bottom of the back of the gun with some bright silver. In the middle area where the gold and silver rings are, I added some extra silver to the silver portions and a quick brush of copper over the gold ones. You still want some gold to show through, so do this lightly.


Step 4

Last but not least, seal it! I bought a matte paint sealant from Design Master at my local Michael’s craft store, but any kind will do. This just ensures that your paint holds up!


I hope you get into something good, something bad, or maybe a little bit of both with this babe. ‘Til next time!