From yoga mat to Yoda mat

by Victoria Fox

To trick myself into physical activity, I added a fun Yoda quote and silhouette to my yoga mat, making it…. a Yoda mat. Here’s how I did it!


  • foam yoga mat
  • Sharpie (preferably a large one)
  • letter stencils (preferably small- like an inch in size)
  • paper (any kind will do)
  • scissors


You can find a decent yoga mat on Amazon for less than twenty dollars (or if you’re me, you can just go to Wal-mart and get an extra cheap one for like ten).

To begin with, decide on placement. I went for the top left of my mat, so that I can see it in the midst of my yoga-ing.

I then decided on a quote. It was hard to pick but I could not resist “Luminous beings are we.” Plus when I place it down word by word, it creates a cool stair step effect.

Using the letter stencils of your choice (or not, you rebel) and a Sharpie, write the words of your quote in the pattern of your choice. As I said before, I went with straight down, word by word but I can imagine there are all sorts of fun combinations you can try out.  I went with about 1/4 inch between each line, but you do you!  Be sure to firmly hold the stencil down, so that your letter doesn’t end up being larger than necessary/totally wrecked.

One tip I will throw out there is to be sure to pull your stencil straight up when you’re done filling out the letter and before doing your next letter, to give the stencil a good wipe with a tissue, etc. These will both help you to avoid any smudging or random Sharpie marks on your mat.


For our next part, we’ll make the Yoda stencil. I went with a fairly basic silhouette of his face since my Sharpie is GIANT and the bumpiness of the mat would make a more complicated design a total mess. If you have a super flat mat though, go for it!

Taking the piece of paper, I free-handed a Yoda head shape with the Sharpie. If free-handing is not your thing, there are some silhouettes on the internet I’m sure you could resize and print out. Cut this pattern out with the scissors, but be sure to cut in the middle of the head, working your way out to the ends.

As we did with the letter stencils, hold your Yoda stencil down firmly and fill it in with the Sharpie. Because this stencil is made of a thinner paper, I avoided filling the shape in harshly near the edges. Instead I just got the general shape, lifted the paper up, and then continued to make my edges bolder.


And that’s it! Enjoy this mat, you will.