It’s one week until Rogue One and I’m celebrating with tacky Christmas ornaments

by Victoria Fox


We will not delve into my excitement over the movie because it’s just too much and would initiate a lot of incoherent rambling. Simply put, I AM EXCITE.

Anyways, each year I try to make an ornament or two to further clutter up my mother’s already highly cluttery Christmas tree. This year I made an ornament featuring K-2SO and one representing our fully armed and operational battle station; the Death Star. They took me around 2 hours total to make, not accounting for the time it took them to dry overnight. Let’s begin!

For K-2SO, you’ll need:

  • An clear plastic (or glass if you’re dangerous) ornament ball. They’re usually about a dollar at Michael’s.
  • A printer, printer paper, and scissors
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • A small and thin paintbrush
  • Beads of your choosing
  • A hot glue gun
  • Fun ribbon trim (the more obnoxious the better, IMO)

For the Death Star, you’ll need:

  • A clear ornament ball, just like above
  • Grey, silver, and black acrylic paint
  • A thin paintbrush
  • A hot glue gun
  • Silver sequins


I started with K-2SO and sort of bounced back and forth between the two, but I’ll separate the two to avoid confusion.


First, you’ll take one of the clear ornaments and remove the top. Then, you’ll find a suitable picture of K-2SO on the internet; I personally found a torso and head picture to look the best. I then cut the guy out and made sure he was able to fit into the bulb.


After this test, I coated the inside of the bulb with Elmer’s glue using a small and thin paintbrush. This is what you’ll be using to make sure that K-2SO doesn’t move anywhere.

Once that is done, quickly but carefully place him into the bulb, the front of the picture facing out and into the glue. I made sure that the very bottom of his picture was towards the bottom curve of the bulb, so that the straight edge of the picture wasn’t so apparent.

Once he is placed in there, gently pat down on the entire picture to ensure that it is firmly pressed into the glue. I then went around the edges with glue to ensure that he stayed put.


Now go get some rest, and leave this guy until the morning.

Good morning! How did you sleep? Cool. Let’s finish this ornament.

The inside of the bulb should be mostly , if not all, dry. It’s at this point that you can add your beads! What I used was a set of beads that I had laying around that I found to be pretty bright and festive. What you use is up to you, but I would recommend at least using a brighter sort of bead that will offer a good enough contrast to let K-2SO stand out.

I also filled the bulb entirely with beads because that is what I felt looked best, but I’m sure every bulb is different. Fill yours up half way, a quarter of the way, an eighteenth of the way, however you feel.

Now it’s time for the trim! I used a black pom pom fringe for this and simply hot glued it around the perimeter of the bulb. I found the best way to do it to ensure that it was even was to glue it down on the middle point on the opposite end of the bulb from the top loop. From there, glue around until you reach the top of the bulb.


And done!

Now for our Death Star. This one starts with once again removing the top of the ornament, but instead of glue, dripping grey acrylic paint inside.

You should then tilt the bulb around until it is entirely covered in a smooth coat of the grey paint. This takes some time, and I used a paint brush and even a finger at times to speed up the process some. You will then let this dry overnight.

Once it is all dry, we’ll use some silver paint to add some detail and texture to the outside of the bulb. I used only the side of the paintbrush to get a weird line effect. I experimented a little and patted the silver paint nearly dry with a paper towel to add more texture.

I then hung the bulb on my fancy drying rack (two bottles of paint with a paint brush resting on top).


When the bulb is dried, it’s time to add more detail with some black acrylic paint. I used a thinner paint brush for this, as I didn’t want the line work to be too thick.

I first painted a large black circle in the top right area of what would be the front of the ornament. I then placed a horizontal line along the center of the ornament. After this, I gave the ornament some time to dry. This took a lot of paint and I didn’t want to risk smudging it when I added the other details.

After it had a little time to dry, I added in some rectangular shapes. These were done fairly quick with no rhyme or reason. I was going for style here, not accuracy. Working from the center line, I would draw the rectangles up at random lengths. I would then meet the ends of those rectangles with rectangles coming from the opposite ends of the bulb.

To spruce this battle station up, I added the most holographic silver sequins ever. Seriously I wish I lived in one of these guys.


Taking your glue gun, hot glue these babies around the Death Star at random. I did mine fairly sparingly, as I didn’t want to completely cover all of the paint work done on the bulb. I used about 20 sequins in total.


What a beautiful couple. (Side note: at this point I hadn’t added string to the tops of the ornaments to hang them, but it’s pretty simple and you can literally use anything you want to do it). Have all the fun dancing around with your ornaments and screaming about Rogue One like I did!ornaments

Merry Sithmas!