The Makeup Collection That We Deserve

by Victoria Fox

About twice a month I pop into Walgreen’s for something; bagel bites, alcohol, foundation, you name it, but that’s besides the point.  Every visit includes a mandatory and thorough sweep of the entire makeup section. This week’s sweep brought something so great that I yelled and cried simultaneously for about 30 whole minutes. I then proceeded to empty my bank account.


Gotham Girls: a collection of various makeup and nail products honoring Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Batgirl. Seriously take all of my money.While I have not bought everything in the collection (yet), I decided some swatches and reviews of what I’ve brought home are in order.

#1: Mad Love Glitter



Let me start by saying that I have almost exactly the same glitter (previously put out by Walgreen’s as part of an Ursula Collection), so I wasn’t initially super inclined to buy it. That is until I saw the name. That combined with my undying love for the glitter I already owned prompted me to cave in. Not only is it the same vibrant glitter, but this time around they added a vanilla scent to it.  It smells and feels nice and I wish I was covered in glitter all of the time.

#2: Clown Princess Blush, Bronze, and Highlight



Both the bronzer and the highlight have a nice matte finish, however the blush really steals the show here. Not only is it a perfect rosy pink, but its got a subtle sparkle to it as well. The highlight doesn’t seem to hold up very well, but the blush and bronzer have stuck with me through long work days.

#3: Catwoman Eye Palette


I was pleasantly surprised by the pigment in this palette, well the first five colors anyway. The first three (the cream, tan, and beige colors) are perfect for a natural smokey eye and I have already made use of them on several occasions. The cream color has a sparkly sheen to it, a welcome contrast to the otherwise all matte colors. The teal, blue, and black were far less pigmented than anticipated and were also fairly streaky. It took a lot to get a solid line of each. The red and green towards the middle are wonderfully pigmented and add a really nice variety to the palette. I like having palettes that enable you to create more natural looks while also leaving room for some flair, and the color choices in this palette do just that.

#4: Harley Quinn Face Brushes and Catwoman Eye Brushes

These brushes were worth every penny. Not only are they amazing visually, but they really do their job well. The Harley face brushes have permanently taken their spot among my daily face routine. The fluffier one (pictured on the left) is now all I use for my foundation and powder. It provides an even, very blendable coverage. The Catwoman eye brushes, particularly the blender and eyeliner brushes, are precise, comfortable, and have cut the time it takes to do my eye makeup down considerably. Most importantly, after use these brushes still maintain their shape.

#5: Harley Quinn Beauty Book

Overall, this beauty book is amazing. Packaging, quality, all A+. It’s a welcome addition to my Wonder Woman beauty book.  There were Catwoman and Batgirl beauty books available as well, which I’m sure I’ll be back for at some point.




Let me start by saying that Warped Mind (1st color) and Clowning Around (5th color) are the real MVPs of this palette. Warped Mind can be used for literally everything, but adds a nice shimmer to both neutral and bold eyes alike. Clowning Around is a sparkly orange-red that makes me want to have in your face eye makeup all of the time. Mistah J and Mallet (colors 8 and 9) were slightly disappointing pigment wise, but would still do the trick for a smokey eye using the other midrange colors in the palette. Crazed, Mayhem, Madness, and Trickster are all great for a natural eye and are a good combination of both matte and shimmer. Sometimes I have dreams about Trickster and I running away and starting a new life together. The brush provided is also great, though I’d recommend a smaller sized brush for anything other than blending. 




The Mad Love (pretty sure they’ve named like 5 pieces of their collection with this at this point, but I’m not mad about it) blush is a wonderfully light pink that holds up fairly well in terms of wear. In my experience, it fades throughout the day, but doesn’t disappear completely. As for the other blush included, Playful, I felt that it wasn’t very pigmented to begin with and therefore did not hold up well throughout the day at all.

The Arkham Asylum eyeliner has a great color to it, but is also very smudgy. The smudge factor could be good or bad depending on your preferences. I personally enjoyed it for what I used it for; a nice smudgy and angsty dark eye. If you’re going for flawless eyeliner that could cut a man down, this is not for you girl.

The Hopeless Romantic lip gloss was something I was not prepared for. I expected a very sheer amount of coverage, possibly even less red than it appeared but holy wow was I wrong. It is just as red as it leads you to believe and has incredible staying power. 10/10 would recommend for slaying the city or smashing things with a giant hammer.

#6: Batgirl Makeup Case

So great, holds everything I bought from this collection (minus the beauty book), and is made out of a really durable material.  From what I’ve seen, there’s at least a Catwoman makeup bag made from this material, as well as Harley and Catwoman bags that are made from more of a cloth material. The cloth ones make great small purses; I’ve used my Wonder Woman collection makeup bag for several occasions. Because why have a boring purse when you can have an outrageous one?

If I had to give this collection an overall rating, I’d give it a solid 8.5/10 Crime Fighting Vigilantes. For drug store makeup that is on the cheaper side, the packaging and (for the most part) pigmentation is incredible. If you’re looking for something on the funner side to spice up your daily routine (and maybe even get some sass going), look no further than the city of Gotham.

Well that’s all the time we have for today folks.


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