How to be Pokemon #25 (but #1 in all of our hearts)

by Victoria Fox

I transformed myself into a Pikachu in just under an hour, and you can too!



Step 1: Apply your foundation and dem brows. I normally do this before any makeup I ever do, just because I’ve found that insanely pigmented makeups usually stay longer and look better with nice and smooth coverage underneath (and good eyebrows).  My personal foundation fav is the L’oreal True Match foundation. It’s on the cheaper side and is amazing quality, which allows me to look great while also dropping loads of cash on eyeshadow palettes, which brings us to…



Step 2: Get the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette. Haha, just kidding. (No but really if you can find it, you should do it. It’s the most versatile palette I’ve ever used!) For this look, I’ll mainly be using that palette, however the colors are fairly basic and shouldn’t be too hard to find a dupe for.

I first applied eyeshadow primer (any kind will do), and then placed the golden color “Legend” all over my lids, with a touch of “Fran”, a bright yellow,  in the inner corner (Don’t worry, it will get lots of love later). I then went over the crease of my eyes with the color “Analogue”, and then darkened the inner crease with “Harpsichord”. It looks like a hot mess initially, but once we get to the blending stage, it will just be hot.

Here I am with what we have so far:


Step 3: Eyeliner for days. I was going to go with my classic wing, but I said “Let’s wing it!” (pun intended) and decided to do something a little more complicated.  And that’s how lightning liner was born. For this, I used the liquid liner from my Wonder Woman collection beauty book, but honestly any liner that can give you the right amount of detail will work. I do highly recommend a liquid though, whether in pen form or brush form. I always find it looks cleaner and lasts longer. I followed the general shape of the beginning of Pikachu’s tail at the end of my normal wing. I also took this as an opportunity to use “Skulls” (a sparkly white pictured a ways below) to blend out the top of my eyeshadow and to place under my lower lash line to make my eyes appear bigger.



Step 4: Contour for your life. Here I did not by any means do a traditional contour. Instead I wanted to amp up the yellows, reds, and contrast of Pikachu’s face. I placed “Fran”on the center of my nose and blended it up into the center of my forehead. I also fanned it out towards my temples and added a dash of it to my chin as well. Using my Wonder Woman beauty book, I placed the color “Grace and Power” along my cheekbones. To simulate a softer look for Pikachu’s cheeks, I applied the color “Emancipation” (right above “Grace and Power”), on the apples of my cheeks in a circular motion. I highlighted my cheekbones and the tip of my nose with “Legends” and placed “Skulls” along my under eyes and forehead to make the high points of my face pop.


Step 5: I know girl, you look ridiculous! It’s cool, we’re going to go to Blend City a little later. Let it be for now.

Step 6: Add that cute little nose! For this I used the liquid eyeliner from Step 3. Place it on there very carefully, for you don’t want it to end up being too big.  Mine ended up being even larger than what I was going for.


Step 7: Blend City (and Lipstick Town). To mute the colors slightly, I took my everyday face powder and buffed my contours out with a large powder brush. For my lips, I used “Adora” from the Kat Von D lipstick collection and topped it off with a sparkly red gloss (the Tink one from the Beautifully Disney collection, RIP).


Step 8: Find a cute yellow outfit. I picked up this yellow Forever 21 dress from Goodwill and it was perfect, but you do you! Yellow pants, a yellow skirt, yellow scuba diving equipment, whatever works.


Step 9: The finishing touches. I got this Pikachu ear and tail set from Amazon for fairly cheap. I will eventually put a wire into the tail so that it can stay up independently, but for now it works.



So there you have it! Flip a coin. If tails, be the cutest thing ever. If not, still be the cutest thing ever.

xoxo, Gossip Pika