Mandalorians and Mascara

Dressing my Enfys Best

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Hi. yes. My name is Tori and I loved Solo: A Star Wars Story. And Enfys Nest is now my absolute favorite. I’ve been on the hunt for any unique and/or clothing related Enfys merch, but it’s been a challenge to say the least. (Also where’s the Qi’ra merch?? I digress.) Anyway, I finally stumbled upon this sleeveless shirt for sale at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


The Shirt

I’m a big fan of the color scheme and the pocket gives it a little something extra. At first I was confused about the cut and sizing, but after looking at the ShopDisney website that it is also available on, this muscle tank is just listed as for adults. I’m happy they went with a more neutral sizing and can totally see how the way this is cut can fit multiple body types regardless of gender, which I call a major win.

The Shorts

I paired the shirt with some flowy high-waisted chain patterned shorts I’ve had laying around in my closet for quite some time.  These came from Ross. (Oh and they have pockets!)

Shoes and Bag

The shoes came from Walmart and were less than 10 dollars! (I’m not kidding! Go!) The dark green bag came from Ross as well and is Madden Girl, part of the Steve Madden brand.


The necklace and orange ring are vintage and came from my grandmother. The gold cuff bracelets came from various art festivals.

This was a fun and comfortable outfit to do boring adult stuff in, like take my car in for servicing. Thanks for looking, have a great week, and go see Solo!


Style: Queen in Tatooine

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I was beyond excited to visit the Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts this past weekend. I needed a cute outfit for this and as luck would have it, I had just bought the Her Universe Tatooine Sweetheart dress. I originally planned to wear it with a thin light blue cardigan, but Florida decided it would be cold for once, so here’s my more winter-y plan B.

The Dress

This was such a good buy in that the dress is a very versatile piece. It’s something that can be dressed up or dressed down and is just the right amount of subtle Star Wars. The dress’ color palette gives you a lot of pairing options. I had, as mentioned before, intended on pairing it with a light blue cardigan. With the weather changing, it was very easy to find other warmer items to pair with it.


The jacket came from Old Navy a few years ago but I’m sure they still have something similar. This cargo style jacket has become a staple in my winter wardrobe!


The dark grey knit leggings came from Target. And yeah, there’s fleece on the inside!


The boots came from Target. A wardrobe staple for me is definitely a pair of tall black boots. They literally go with anything.



This vintage gold Salacious Crum necklace was purchased when I attended Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.


I got this guy back in the golden days of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, during Star Wars Weekends. *sigh* The great thing is, he’s a stuffed animal and a backpack! And he actually fits a ton more than you’d think.

In any event, I encourage you to buy this dress and I also heavily encourage you to visit the exhibit if you should have the chance. It was an incredible day of marveling at and sketching costumes, learning about the concepts behind some of the most beloved characters, and staring at Palpatine’s finger nails (yeah, they even had those!).

‘Til next time!

How to make Jyn Erso’s kyber crystal necklace

I could yell for days about how great every single second of Rogue One is, but the real focus here is Jyn’s necklace.


The second Lyra whipped out that beauty, I was like “DAMN, I need that.” I mean, not only is it gorgeous but it’s a KYBER CRYSTAL. The strongest stars (and fashion statements) have hearts of kyber.

So here we are; my attempt at creating a Jyn inspired necklace. I say “inspired” because there are maybe like three pictures on the internet of said necklace and many (like the one pictured above) are not very detailed ones. So, needless to say, mine is probably not 100% accurate. A for effort though.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • scissors and pliers
  • magnetic clasps (for necklaces) in a tarnished gold color
  • 20 Gauge Wire in brown
  • black cording
  • a crystal (preferably one that comes with a setting already on it)
  • a brown bead (literally just one)

You can take any liberties you want here. I went with the brown wire because it looked more interesting to me than a gold or copper. Going back, I might’ve gone for a thicker cording just because I’m paranoid about things breaking. Not to worry though, mine hasn’t broken yet. As far as cording length, I would recommend at least buying a yard, but the small package I bought was already about 3 yards. I got extra lucky with my crystal and Michael’s happened to have exactly what I was looking for. Also !!hot tip!! shop at Michael’s every chance you get. They almost always have active coupons/sales on their app and when I went shopping for my supplies, I saved 8 whole dollars with their coupons.

Step 1

Take the crystal and remove the larger ring that would connect it to any necklace with your pliers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely, but it’s a little too fancy for what we’re doing here.

Step 2

Measure about 2.5 feet of the cording and place the crystal exactly half way. About 1.5 inches above the top of the crystal, tie a loop knot. Here is where you’ll be placing your bead, but for now just leave it.

Step 3

Cut a few inches of brown wire loose and proceed to wrap it around where the crystal pendant and your cording meet. The goal is to encompass the entire loop at the top of the pendant and then some above it.

Step 4

Place the small brown bead (found in my vast and random bead box) above the knot you had previously tied. Then place an identical knot above the bead.

Step 5

Add your magnetic clasp! Feed the cording through the end of the clasping and tie a knot. Once pulled as tightly as humanly possible, cut the excess cording off. Repeat on the other side.

That’s all there is to it. You now have a necklace fitting of a rebel. Wear it well!



‘Til next time!

How to Make a BB-8 Pumpkin


Halloween and Star Wars are two of my favorite things, so when this idea came to me, it was pure bliss.

I want to start off by saying that I really am proud of this one mainly because it wasn’t a total disaster and most of this was constructed at a friend of mine’s pumpkin decorating party. I’d also like to state that for this I used fake pumpkins, although I’m sure if you’re brave enough, executing this with real pumpkins could be entirely possible.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • 2 fake white pumpkins, one being small and the other being at least somewhat larger (easily purchased at Target!)
  • A small pumpkin saw (available in most pumpkin carving kits. I imagine a really durable knife would also work)
  • A pencil
  • 2 paper clips
  • Orange, silver, and grey acrylic paints
  • Assorted paintbrushes, all up to your preference
  • A thick black Sharpie

Step 1: Constructing the body

First, I marked out BB-8’s circular markings on the larger pumpkin and placed some of the facial features on the smaller pumpkin using a pencil. I placed about 6 circular designs on the larger pumpkin spread out and at random. The designs don’t have to be perfect or super accurate because mine definitely are not. When it came to the silver markings within each circle, I improvised.

Then you need a way to attach BB-8’s cute lil pumpkin head! Taking the pumpkin saw, I cut around the stem of the larger pumpkin until it was possible to punch the stem out.

Now you have this:


Next you’ll take your two paper clips and bend them as pictured below, making them into sort of a feet shape:

Then, using all the strength you can muster, insert the paper clips into the bottom of the smaller pumpkin so that the “feet” you’ve created are facing outward.


Carefully place the bottom of the smaller pumpkin into the hole you cut in the top of the larger pumpkin. You may have to bend the paper clips a bit to fit them in properly, but once they are in they should catch along the inside of the larger pumpkin. This ensures that the top pumpkin will stay secure and will not roll off.




Step 2: Paint

Let me start by saying that this will probably be the most frustrating part of your journey, and I apologize for that. For whatever reason (and your pumpkins may be better than mine; I pray that they are.) my pumpkins did not take to paint very well. It took a lot of patience and quite a bit of layering, but totally worth it. 


You’ll take the orange paint and fill in the outside of your circular patterns. I used the medium sized paint brush for this, but again it’s all up to your preference. There are no rules here! Then I took a combination of the silver and grey paints (the silver paint I used is too sheer on its own) and filled in the miscellaneous shapes I penciled in the middle of the circles with the smaller paint brush. I then painted in the circular band I drew at the top of the smaller pumpkin and filled it in with just the grey paint using the same brush.

Step 3: Detailing


It was at this point in my construction that I realized that, as with so many other things, a Sharpie was going to be the saving grace of this droid. Using the large black Sharpie, I traced the outline of the circular shapes and silver patterns on the bottom pumpkin and drew on the remainder of the facial (?) features of the top pumpkin. I took some creative liberties here and went for more of a doodle-like look for the pumpkin as a whole, but you can go for whatever look your heart desires. 

Here are some close ups of the finished product:




I also included some shots of just the body, so you can get a feel for the spacing and placement of the circular shapes on the bottom pumpkin:

And there you have it! The perfect pumpkin to store your top secret maps in.

Til next time!