Mandalorians and Mascara

Style: Queen in Tatooine

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I was beyond stoked to visit the Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts this past weekend. I needed a cute outfit for this (obviously) and as luck would have it, I had just bought the Her Universe Tatooine Sweetheart dress. I had originally planned to wear it with a thin light blue cardigan, but Florida decided it would be cold for once, so here’s my more winter-y plan B.



The Dress

This was such a good buy in that the dress is a very versatile piece. It’s something that can be dressed up or dressed down and is just the right amount of subtle Star Wars. The dress’ color palette gives you a lot of pairing options. I had, as mentioned before, intended on pairing it with a light blue cardigan. With the weather changing, it was very easy to find other warmer items to pair with it.


The jacket came from Old Navy a few years ago but I’m sure they still have something similar.


The dark grey knit leggings came from Target. And yeah, there’s fleece on the inside!


The boots came from Target. A wardrobe staple for me is definitely a pair of tall black boots. They literally go with anything.



This vintage gold Salacious Crum necklace was purchased when I attended Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.


I got this guy back in the golden days of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, during Star Wars Weekends. *sigh* The great thing is, he’s a stuffed animal and a backpack! And he actually fits a ton more than you’d think.



In any event, I encourage you to buy this dress and I also heavily encourage you to visit the exhibit if you should have the chance. It was an incredible day of marveling at and sketching costumes, learning about the concepts behind some of the most beloved characters, and staring at Palpatine’s finger nails (yeah, they even had those!).


‘Til next time!


DIY: Bioshock Splicer Mask

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Bioshock is probably my favorite gaming series of all time (behind Crash Bandicoot, of course), so when I found the perfect rabbit mask to use as a base, a splicer look happened.


This decorated rabbit mask was at Spirit Halloween for about $12.



To start off with, I began painting on some of the gold details you would see on an actual Bioshock mask.  Yes, this mask is a little busier than that but I honestly thought it looked pretty sweet. I used the first picture below as a reference picture for my mask.



Next, using a wire cutter and an box cutter, I cut out pieces of the mask to make it look distressed and destroyed.  The mask I bought was far stronger than I expected, so the box cutter came handy when it came time to wear the plastic down in places that weren’t connected to the edges of the mask, like the holes in the ears.


I also removed the elastic of the mask on the right side, where I cut away a large portion of the mask. It’s important to keep this intact so that you can still place it on your head. When I finished cutting the pieces I needed to off, I then cut a piece of felt and hot glued the elastic under it on the opposite side of the mask.


Then, I beefed up the mask’s overall paint job a bit. I drew very thin, grey crack lines all over the mask surface to copy the one in our picture. For this I used a combination of black and silver acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush. To make the line consistency spotty, I dabbed the paint with my finger as it dried.


Using just the silver paint, I dabbed the paint around the cracks to give them some more definition. This should be very faint, only giving the mask surface a slight shadow.


To make the mask grungier and bloodier, I used the Skin Illustrator FX palette. It’s alcohol based, so it’s staying power is pretty great. Using my fingers, I dabbed browns and deep reds around the edges and ears of the mask. Using a chip brush, I spattered a combination of the red paints in the palette to simulate blood sprays. I also diluted the paint with a large amount of alcohol and dripped it onto the mask as well!





Now enjoy that mask of yours! After all, is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

DIY: a Probe Droid Pumpkin

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This Halloween season was absolutely insane, so I’m definitely late when it comes to getting this post out. HOWEVER, I firmly believe that you can keep pumpkins out through Thanksgiving and fully intend to do so.


Last year, I made a BB-8 pumpkin, so I thought I’d continue the droid pumpkin tradition with a sparkly black probe droid pumpkin this year.



They’re adorable and help my main man Maul out so this was a no brainer.


For this project, you’ll need:

  • a small black foam pumpkin
  • a black pipe cleaner
  • tooth picks
  • black foam sheeting
  • grey and white felt sheets
  • red paint
  • a hot glue gun


First, I took a pipe cleaner (mine wasn’t initially black, I just painted it to save on the cost of buying a whole pack for one pipe cleaner), and stuck it through the top of the pumpkin on the left side, a little behind the middle.  This will simulate the obnoxiously long antenna that these droids have.




Then, I marked out the shape of the main lens of the droid on the foam sheet. This was largely eyeballed. You just want to make sure that the size of the lens compared to the pumpkin is appropriate. Reference pictures of the actual droid help with this a lot.



Taking the grey and white felt, I cut out pieces to simulate the edges and the reflection of the lens.  I made two grey pieces for the top and bottom of the circle and two white pieces; one in the shape of a circle and one a smaller oval.

I then glued these pieces to the black foam sheeting with a hot glue gun and then glued it to the center of the pumpkin.


Next, I began work on the sides of the droid. I cut out another smaller lens size and a rounded rectangle out of the foam sheeting to fit on the left side of the pumpkin. When I was cutting the pieces, I made sure to account for the curve of the pumpkin, and cut the sides that will be up against the pumpkin with that same curve.

For the small lens, I repeated the same kind of process with the felt to simulate the depth of the lens, only this time I cut an entire circle of the grey felt to go all the way around.


For the rounded rectangle, I painted two small red dots to the top left to simulate the lights on its side.


To attach these to the side of the pumpkin, I attached tooth picks to the back of the foam with hot glue. I used two on the rounded rectangle and one for the lens.




I then cut a piece of foam in the shape of a curled wire to connect the two pieces. I attached this with hot glue.



For the right side of the droid, there are 2 grey colored rectangles sticking out. I cut out two felt rectangles, one slightly longer than the other, and attached toothpicks to them using the same process as before. As with the others, I stabbed these into the side of the pumpkin.


And there you have it! Mission accomplished.



Happy fall ya’ll! I’ll see you next time.


THIS IS (a) HALLOWEEN (outfit)

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As a surprise to no one, I love dressing for Halloween, and living in Orlando, I make the yearly theme park Halloween merchandise rounds. Most years, I find it hard to come across merch that is on the chic-er side, but this year was very different. Cue the amazing Nightmare merch!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset



I found this incredible Sally/Haunted Mansion mash up shirt in Mouse Gears near the front of EPCOT, but I’m sure it can be found where ever Disney sells their general Halloween line. The shirt is well cut, having the wider sleeves without looking too baggy. The design is everything (mainly because the little guy at the bottom reminds me of a sandworm). I have the shirt tucked in here, but there is a nice lace fringe at the bottom if you choose to wear it untucked.



I paired some black crochet shorts with the shirt. I got these from Forever 21.




My bag is actually a popcorn bucket! This Oogie Boogie bucket with a strap (it’s like it’s begging to be a purse) is available for purchase at the Magic Kingdom during the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The opening in the back isn’t too big so you’ll have to ditch your large wallet if you plan on making him a purse.



For this look I wanted to add some layered necklaces. The longer necklace came from a renaissance fair and the shorter black chord necklace came from Top Shop.


My broken watch is vintage, handed down by my grandmother.




These dusty old things came from Target. Honestly I can’t stress how essential black ankle boots are to my every day life. Invest in some if you can!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


A super special thanks once again to my great friend Britt Barnim for the awesome shots in front of the new Baseline Tap at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Happy Halloween!

True Life: All the good stuff I own is from the Halloween Store

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It’s about that time of year again where everything I buy comes from a Halloween store/ Halloween section in a store, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite clothing, accessories, and even home decor finds this year.

1.The Waffle Purse

First of all, it’s a. waffle. purse. Turn any type of food into a purse and I’m there, but think of all the amazing Stranger Things outfit opportunities. The bag was a match made in heaven with my wall dress I made last Halloween! It’s the perfect size for a night out bag and overall is pretty well constructed. This babe was only 10 dollars at Spirit Halloween, but if you have an amazeballs best friend like I do, it’s free *wink wink* (thx Court!).


2. Pokeball Dress

So I’ve picked up this weird tradition in which my birthday dress comes from a Halloween store and I’m not mad about it. This year’s dress just happened to be this one. Not only is it the cutest ever and fits like a glove, but it’s made out of a super nice and durable fabric. I didn’t think twice about buying it and I couldn’t have found a better dress tbh.  I found it at Spirit Halloween for about 40 dollars.




3. ‘Slay all day’ Makeup Bag

Let me start off by saying that canvas makeup bags are the absolute bomb. Add a cute Halloween quote and I’m so there for it. It’s already in use and absolutely perfect. I got this at Spirit Halloween.


4. Spider Web Headband

It was cute, cheap, and near the checkout at Spirit Halloween. Get it and get it now.


5. Creature from the Black Lagoon Mask

So yeah, you could probably use this as an actual mask but like why would you do that when you can use it as decoration?? Pinning this guy up on my wall is one of the best decisions I’ve made in weeks. Target’s Halloween section is killing it this year with these original universal monster masks and other inspired decor.



6. Tiffany Plush

Every year Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has these plushes as prizes at their fair games and every year I collect at least one new one. They’re pretty well made for a fair game prize and are fantastic representations of monsters, both classic (Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon) and newer (Chucky, Jason, Freddie). This is the first year I’ve seen Tiffany and she was an instant buy. If you want something spooky and cute for your couch this Halloween (or every) season, these are it!


7. SpongeBob Skirt

I yelled when I saw this. Half of it was because of the pattern, half of it was that this cute skater skirt was SEVEN DOLLARS. This came from the Party City Halloween section.


This year has been a verrry good year for Halloween shopping; I hope it is as good to you as it has been to me!






Stylin’ like a Stormborn

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I woke up wanting to channel some season 5 Daenerys and also found myself staring at EPCOT’s Morocco pavilion and thinking heavily of Dorne so Thrones inspired outfit pictures happened.

Top and Skirt

Both from Target, I felt the lace pattern and crisp white of the tank and knee-length skirt made a great pair.




Grey geode stud earrings reminded me a lot of Dragonstone. I got these from Michael’s Craft Store (yes, they sell cute jewelry sometimes!!).

My necklaces were my favorite touch on this look. The dragon emblem necklace is from Alex and Ani and is adjustable. The necklace with Valar Morghulis accents was obtained at a local convention.


Since it was a hot and bright day out, sunglasses were a necessity. So I picked my fav dragon lady pair, also from the Target eye wear section.


Shoes and Bag

My Dooney and Bourke leather backpack was a vintage hand-me-down from my mom. My nude closed-toed sandals came from Ross.


It was a fun day at EPCOT’s Food and Wine festival, which really helped me cope with the lack of Game of Thrones in my life for the next TWO YEARS.

Til next time!

Bringing my Rey game for Force Friday

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetForce Friday is one of my favorite yearly traditions, in which Star Wars fans such as myself wait for hours to grab the latest merchandise for the newest Star Wars movie. I typically head to Target, since they know exactly how to appeal to me merchandise-wise, and this year they were promoting the tag line “Bring Your Rey Game” for the event. I threw together an outfit I thought would be worthy of this theme, while still being comfortable and warm (something that’s very important when you’re waiting on the floor for six hours).


The Dress

This loose swing dress from Her Universe was the perfect fit! Featuring Rey and BB-8 on the sands of Jakku, I definitely brought my Rey game in this. It’s light fabric also makes it incredibly comfortable!


Leggings and Cardigan

I paired my dress with some simple light grey cotton leggings so that being up and down and on the floor for hours wouldn’t be an issue. I got these from Ross. I also brought along a light grey over-sized cardigan for when things got chilly. This was thrifted.




I paired my Rey dress with a tan-yellow thin belt, just to cinch it up and make it a bit shorter. I also brought along my Dooney and Bourke The Force Awakens zip sachel for my bag. This is the absolute perfect size, and fit all of the clay I packed to pass the time as well as snacks and water. For shoes, I wore my brown lace-up boots from Target.


I also pulled my hair back like how Rey’s has been shown in The Last Jedi and you better believe I bought all of the Porg things. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever loved anything this much.



As always, thanks so much to my good friend Britt Barnim for the sweet pics!

IMG_2348Til next time!